a lovely long weekend.

there is something about a long weekend that is so relaxing. I love the thought of just lying in bed in the mornings, waking up without an alarm, and falling asleep to the sound of midnight rain. i had to work on saturday, but thanks to the holiday (courtesy of all those who served or are serving our country, which I thank you for) I have Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off from work.

i did a little bit of shopping – a new comforter for our bed, some holiday candles which i’ve been saving a coupon for, and a room heater. my office at home is so chilly, especially since it’s been getting below freezing here in western Washington. i bought the california king size, even though our bed is a queen, because the BF is so tall and he’s a total blanket thief at night! i picked this up at Ross for around $30, and it came with a bedskirt + 2 king sized shams.

this is only my second post. I feel like i’m still stumbling around a little bit, unsure of where to start or what to talk about. i really have a yearning to share my life with people though. my ups and downs, fashion, fitness, health, food, books, and everything else that my life encompasses. i also have a yearning to write. hopefully this blog becomes all that i hope it will.




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