the dukan diet: initial thoughts.

i’m currently reading The Dukan Diet. i downloaded the digital edition to my Kindle today, and am pleasantly surprised with the contents thus far (note: i have not finished the book yet). in case you’re wondering how I stumbled upon this book, I was actually reading a Cosmo article online about Kate Middleton, and this book was linked/mentioned somewhere in there.

the basic gist of this diet is that it has 4 phases:

  1. the first phase is protein only, done for 3-10 days
  2. the second phase involves alternating protein and vegetables, which is done for approximately 3 days x # of lbs you wish to lose. you stay in the second phase until you lose the desired amount of weight.
  3. the third phase then it goes to protein/vegetables/cheese + bread + fruit, which you do for 5 days x # of lbs you lost
  4. then the final maintenance phase (4th phase) involves eating as you please, with Thursdays being a day that you revert back to Phase 1 (basically, Protein Thursdays). you also swear off of escalators and elevators, and eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran per day.

Well, here are my initial thoughts:

– I’ll probably give this a go. I have been interested in intermittent fasting, primal eating, and have been reading some of Rusty Moore’s blog and I think that the theory behind The Dukan Diet can integrate well into a hybrid approach that involves all of these. Basically, it seems doable for my life, and my taste in food.

– I may or may not skip the Oat Bran. Primal eating really is based on excluding grain from your diet, and the more I read and educate myself, the more this makes sense to me.

I plan on starting phase 1 tomorrow, and doing it for about 5 days. We’ll see how it goes. I hope to post updates on how I feel, whether or not I was able to sustain the diet, etc. 


4 thoughts on “the dukan diet: initial thoughts.

    • Laurie – it is very similar to Atkins. I’ve never done Atkins however I have had friends who had great success. I think fat loss definitely requires not only a diet but a change in how you think about food. Therefore, I’m also reading Bethenny Frankel’s book, Naturally Thin. Thank you for your encouragement!

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