the war on … the SUN?

the sun.

i feel like lately, the media has waged a war against this splendid thing that brings me so much joy.

 we’re supposed to stay out of it to avoid skin cancer, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging. but we’re also supposed to get out in it, in order to get adequate amounts of vitamin d. they say that skin cancers nowadays do not provide adequate protection against both UVA and UVB rays. But we WANT the UVB rays to get the vitamin D. and then of course, I read on sephora that clinique’s moisturizer has some deadly ingredient in it that is carcinogenic? talk abotu a catch-22. what’s a sun-starved Seattleite supposed to do?!?

but i think that information overload is a problem here. i know i love my sunshine, especially when it comes around in Seattle (which is not often, especially during the winter months). i have such fond memories of laying pool-side in Arizona, eating cherries and blackberries, drinking iced green tea with organic honey, and snacking on salami, cheese, and crackers.

i would often wake up to the sun, naturally – no alarm clock needed. go for a quick run (i love my c25k), and then come back and relax outdoors. the kindle brought me joy for it’s lovely non-glare screen.

it’s gray outside today. it’s making me miss the sun. i’m so tempted to go back to indoor tanning, too. decisions, decisions. after all – everything we do has a risk/reward – even driving cars. me – i’ll take my sun when i can get it. sometimes. 😉




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