the diet, the rain, and desire.

so, a quick apology to the few readers i have: i noticed that the last couple of posts i’ve made have “sounded” a little forced. i guess i was just not quite up to blogging, but i did it anyway. so my sincerest of apologies for putting crap out into the WWW. xOxO’s to make up for it!

now, i’d like to talk about my diet: dukan failed me.
or maybe i failed dukan. at any rate, i don’t like meat enough to eat it, and it alone. it’s not really in my nature to follow a strict diet though – i’ve tried many a time, and always failed. so right now i am trying to do low-carb, kind of primal, kind of whole, kind of delicious, and completely Candice-like. i truly am feeling good about my decisions though. i’m listening to my body and it feels so amazing. 🙂 also – i’ve been trying (and succeeding admirably) at keeping it to 3 meals a day, instead of snacking like i used to. i am down about 3-4 pounds since last week. i broke into the 160s this morning!

i’ve also been combining my two favorite activities: walking + reading. i haven’t really felt up to doing much exercise (c25k, visual impact 4 women, barre method) so I’ve just been going to the gym and reading away while walking on the treadmill (thanks iPad!). i am currently reading the new Habit book (the yellow/red covered one) and am also reading the Primal Blueprint. for fiction, i’m working through the Lives of the Mayfair Witches series, and am still on the first one, the Witching Hour.

the photos in this post are some of the foods i’ve been pining over lately.

and on the note of desire…and dreams…

it is pouring down rain here in Washington. i love the rain, when it looks like this. it’s like the gods are blessing the earth with fertilizer. it reminds me of beauty in an extraordinary way. i’ve been craving mineral-rich, nourishing foods lately. maybe it’s because the rain just seems so nourishing to the earth, that it makes me want to nourish my body. i’ve also been desiring sunshine though.

i’m dreaming of a perfect life for me, and i think it would involve some time spent between my beautiful birthplace, washington state, and some time spent in my beautiful desert of arizona. i miss the sunshine and the smell of sage waking me in the morning, and i miss the light-heartedness of days spent lounging by the pool, eating grapes and drinking delicious draft beer. i hope to be able to work some telepsychiatry into my career. i’m still a long way off from a DNP, but dreams never die, my friends.




a lovely long weekend.

there is something about a long weekend that is so relaxing. I love the thought of just lying in bed in the mornings, waking up without an alarm, and falling asleep to the sound of midnight rain. i had to work on saturday, but thanks to the holiday (courtesy of all those who served or are serving our country, which I thank you for) I have Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off from work.

i did a little bit of shopping – a new comforter for our bed, some holiday candles which i’ve been saving a coupon for, and a room heater. my office at home is so chilly, especially since it’s been getting below freezing here in western Washington. i bought the california king size, even though our bed is a queen, because the BF is so tall and he’s a total blanket thief at night! i picked this up at Ross for around $30, and it came with a bedskirt + 2 king sized shams.

this is only my second post. I feel like i’m still stumbling around a little bit, unsure of where to start or what to talk about. i really have a yearning to share my life with people though. my ups and downs, fashion, fitness, health, food, books, and everything else that my life encompasses. i also have a yearning to write. hopefully this blog becomes all that i hope it will.



i don’t want to be like everyone else…

inspiration. it comes from different places, different sources, and feels different for everyone.

my inspiration comes from pictures, dreams, girls who look polished, successful women, books, the written word, scents, and flowers.

i think i’m kind of a snob – after all, i tend to make the assumption that i’m better than others. i judge immediately. first impressions really stick with me. i hate excuses. i despise weaknesses. i yearn to be perfect. i’m not, though, and it really frustrates me to no end.

welcome to my blog.